The Way to Protect the Female Lead’s Older Brother: Chapter 2

Chapter 2:

Actually, I had more than one older brother.

Turns out, this was a world in which polygamy was allowed.

Mother said that there were four wives in total, and so far, my father had five children, including myself. Among them, there was only one brother that shared the same mother as me.

My four year-old brother, Asil.

“Xana, my cute little sister, I’ll be sure to protect you.”

Unlike me, whose hair was like Mother’s and had scarlet eyes that resembled father, Asil looked like Mother from head to toe. He looked more like a cute puppy.

Asil was also a boy with a soft heart and a sweet smile, much unlike someone who’d been raised in such a cruel and vicious family.

He would laugh merrily with me whenever I was in the cradle.

Even so, it was rather funny to see him taking care of me; just from the way he acted, you couldn’t even say that I was younger than him.
TL/N: meaning that he acts in a carefree/naive way.

Asil had a big influence in the way I adapted to this horrible and sh*tty family.

The name of this family was Agriche, and it was a unique family, to say the least.

Unique, as in a family that made a living by stealing, cheating, trafficking drugs and poison, and killing people in cold blood if necessary. It was a family that dominated the criminal underground. 

Of course, the scale by which they  “made a living” was so enormous, my eyes bulged.
I was surprised that they weren’t even some kind of mafia.

What was even more surprising, however, was the fact that all the children born into this family had to follow these very traditions. This is how they’d maintained their reputation through the generations, 

In order to become a true Agriche, all children are educated from a young age.

However, as an ordinary person originally from Korea, I found it difficult to accept suhc a twisted family tradition. No matter how quickly I adapted, this was an exception.

The only things I studied every day were along the lines of how to deal with weapons, poisons and drugs, how to be stealthy, people’s vital points, etc.

It would’ve been fine if it was just memorization, but I had no natural talent whatsoever for actually doing these things.

“There is nothing special about you.”

That human being called my father was relentless on criticism. I was eight years old at that time, about the same number of times I’d seen this face. Needless to say, this father-daughter relationship was completely devoid of any affection.

My father, Lant Agriche, never paid any attention to his children.

Speaking of which, the number of wives had increased to seven, so now there were ten in total and I had sixteen siblings. Therefore, it would be too bothersome to pay attention to them all.

“If there’s one area I have some talent in, I’ll be sure to work hard on it.”

I was offended by the scathing look by which he assessed me. He would look at me as if I wasn’t even his daughter.

When did I ever say I wanted to work for this rotten family?

I wanted to say something to express my displeasure, but Mother and Asil held me back, urging me nto to do anything rash, so I reluctantly kept still.

Mother was standing next to me, visibly nervous and tense.

Father looked at me for a moment, then opened his mouth again.

“Yet, you shall be of some use in another area.”

After that, my father ordered me to make changes to the education I was receiving.

So, from that day on, what I learned was…

The art of seduction.

This is crazy!

No, of course I’m pretty, since I resemble my mother, but a normal family wouldn’t teach an eight year-old kid to do that!

I honestly can’t believe that this is what you meant when you said that I’d be useful in another area!

Oh, my goodness.

It seemed that he made me learn this so that I could get secret information from the enemy or even assassinate them if necessary.

Leave it to a disgusting family such as them to teach a child the art of seduction.

“Mother, I don’t want to learn something like that. Why do I have to study this? Have you forgotten that I’m only eight years old?”

“Xana, you can’t say that. You are an Agriche. You need to study hard in order to become a great member of this family.”

Come to think of it, there was a certain desperation in her eyes at that time as she held my shoulders tightly.

I couldn’t win when I saw my mother in such a pitiful manner.

In addition to that, in this family, everything was carried out by those who had the most influence and power. It was impossible to defy or go against the orders of my father, the head of the family.

It was all very nasty and dirty, but in the end, I wasn’t able to turn the tables and was educated as ordered. However, my grades were rather poor, probably because I had no intention of working hard.

In the meantime, though, my only brother, Asil, was “disposed” of.

It happened when he was only fifteen.



Mother’s screams and cries felt unreal to me.

Asil, who’d been smiling brightly only a few days ago, now returned to my mother and I as a cold and icy corpse.

I was completely taken aback.

A woman introduced herself as an “executive officer” and said that Asil had been disposed of “according to the rules” because he was unfit to be an Agriche.

That was the first time such a punishment had been used on our generation.

It was at that moment that it dawned on me. It was as if someone had splashed cold water all over me. At the same time, chills spread all over my body.

“There is nothing special about you.” 

I remembered what happened three years ago, my father looking at me with those scathing eyes- judging me. Mother had been strangely nervous that day.

I’d always known that this family was evil and twisted, but I had no idea that they would go this far.

My weak and frail mother passed out immediately in front of the body. After that, she was sick for ten days.

I, of course, was also shocked.

I’d never expected things to work out like this.

If Asil had been disposed of…I could easily be next. Just the thought of that sent goosebumps down my spine.

Lant Agriche, my father, preferred to have people that were useful to him in some way.

First of all, I began working hard and studying. And in addition to that, I began to get a grasp of the situation I was in.

“Xana, are you studying well these days?”

“Yes, I am working hard.”

“Yes, I must do my best in order to become a great Agriche.”

“Yes, mother.”

Now, I didn’t go against my mother’s words.

Ever since I turned eight, I’d been mainly learning the art of seducing men. But, in order to be useful, I also had to learn other skills.

I studied other subjects, such as poison, how to obtain information, handling various weapons, social skills, as well as maintaining certain physical skills.

In this family, there was no such thing as the concept of “familial love”, but, every month, a “Great Banquet” was hosted.

And every time, my father would invite the top three children with the greatest achievements to attend this banquet.

Of course, Asil and I had never been invited to a Great Banquet.

Two more children had suffered the same fate after ‘that incident’. One of them, foreseeing his imminent death, tried to escape from the Agriche estate.

Alas, fate wasn’t on his side, and simply put, he died the most cruel and merciless death out of them all.

At this point, I was beginning to question this world.

And, as I soon realised, the answer to all this lay in my father.

Lant Agriche.

In the summer of my 12th year, one year after Asil’s death, I was finally invited to the Great Banquet.

And then, I was finally convinced that I was reborn into the world of this novel.


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Translator Notes:
What are your thoughts so far? This chapter was so depressing- our poor bby Asil was killed TT
This chapter, however, is really important since we get to see the reason behind Roxana deciding to become an “actual Agriche”.

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  1. I love it so far. Of course I hate the evil deeds her family is doing but I like how unique this story is and I’m hooked to read more of what happens! Plus I also like how she’s a double agent in a way. She’s playing along but only on the surface, her heart doesn’t agree with any of it and I’m sure if there’s a way out she’ll take it (probs the ml). Thanks for translating ❤

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